Three Reasons to Go For It!

This is a new year, and as always, everyone sets off to start working on their goals. You have heard since you were little to follow your dreams. Well, I hope you listened, because if ever the truth was known, this is it. Believe you me, I know that life can intercept your goals and defer your dreams. But don’t give up! Here are three reasons to go after your dreams.

Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose

You only have one life, therefore, your time and energy should never be wasted. It saddens me sometimes when I see people who feel that unhappiness and misery is normalcy in life. Yes, your journey will not always been a bed of roses. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still go after what you have always dreamed of.

When you are going after your dreams, remember this: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Even if your situation doesn’t turn out the way you want it the first time, try again. Regroup and refocus and get back into the game.

Personal Growth

Your potentials for personal growth are infinite. When you complete one task that gets you closer to your goals, think of this as an accomplishment, not “Man, I got so much further to go.” Think positive!

No Regrets

When you are older, you don’t want to be one of those folks who looks back on their lives and think about what you could our should have done. You want to be the one who lived a fulfilled life without any regrets for the choices you made. Every opportunity that comes your way is a chance to learn something new about the world and yourself.

Why not go after your dreams? The only thing holding you back is you. Decide today that you will just GO FOR IT!



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