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Getting Happy

We all have something in our lives that we would rather not have.  We even have little tricks to get us out of our slumps and we learn, as we age how to get ourselves back up on our feet.

Some of use others to help us and some of us use our own inner strength.

Personally, I have suffered from depression and a major depressive moment after being attacked by a student.

What is interesting is this was not the first time I had been attacked in my life.  I’ve been choked as a baby, slapped by an angry boyfriend, had my head hit hard on a piece of metal from being shoved from and angry guy and even emotionally beat up by my own biological father.

You see, I suppose you could say I have a reason to be depressed or to suffer with real life connections but I never felt so absent from life until, in my mid thirties, I was working my job as a teacher and a student assaulted me.

Something in me changed when that angry student charged at me and I had to take automatic movements to secure my physical safety.

Emotionally, the moment the student started the attack, I was done.

I left my body for a long time after the attack and disconnected from the world, my husband and my two beautiful daughters.

I let my mind and body ebb and flow with the emotions within me and I tapped out.

I had to.

Nothing made sense to me anymore.

I had tried grasping and clawing at the little bit of sanity left within me after the attack but, alas, I had to let go of the last tiny thread that I had clung to.

Off I went.

I cried.

I went over the incident again and again and again.

I suffered and I didn’t care to come out of it.

After about three months of that, something within me opened up to drive me to drive towards a success that I couldn’t have imagined.

It’s the success that is driving me to write this blog.

So what is my point here?

NO MATTER WHAT you have been through and no matter when it happens, you can GET HAPPY.

Reading how to improve your life and how to boost your mood are phenomenal ways to come out of any slump you might be in no matter what you are currently experiencing or what you have experienced.

Every day is a new day. That’s the coolest thing about days!

So lets talk about how to improve your level of happiness TODAY!

  1. Smile – It has been proven that smiling is a mood enhancer. I want to make sure I deliver on this so here’s a little feel good smiley video for you:


  2. Exercise.  I know this one can seem hard, especially if you are down but it does work. Think about it this way, if you tire your body so much that is HAS to rest and you might even pass out from your exertion, you don’t have time to let your mind take over and give you the worries that bring you down. Exercising increases the neurotransmitter activity in your body and it makes endorphins.  Endorphins not only make pain go away, they also enhance your mood.
  3. Be Kind. Helping others gives you feel good vibes and feel good vibes enhance your life and uplift your soul.  Being Kind requires that you make human contact and sometimes when you are down, being with others is one of the best cures you can have even if you are a loner (trust me I know this).
  4. Snuggle.I just recently saw a video of people snuggling and one thing I took note of is the fact that the snugglers could not stop smiling.  I thought about it and I know I would probably smile ear to ear if I snuggled because I wouldn’t believe that I was in a situation where people were snuggled. Just typing about it makes me laugh!  Want to know what I’m talking about? Check it out:

    So, I’m not really one to snuggle and dog pile with a bunch of others, but I do snuggle my children and my pets.  Snuggling is an effective way to smile, no matter where you get it so long as you are comfortable.  So go out there and find your comfortable snuggle partners!

  5. Music.  There is a reason music has been around since the turn of history. Music allows our brain to tap into endorphin releasing stimulants and uplifts our soul.  Music actually moves that part of the inner ear called teh saccule. The saccule is connected to the part of our brain that touches base for sexual, hunger and pleasure seeking drives.  All good stuff.


6. Writing. –  Finding a way to release your inner thoughts allows you space within to expand and stretch so that you can heal.  Trust me I know.  This is where I have found inspiration and a new way of life. If you are interested in one my writing projects, please visit to find out about the coaching program that I found that has changed my life.


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